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Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity may appear to be values we take pride in displaying to the public, but do we realise how diverse individuals may be? 

In our modern world self-expression and acceptance of being different have allowed people to step away from stereotypes and expected norms to be comfortable in who they are and present that to the world. This means we may encounter people who use and are a part of a whole new vocabulary. It also means that we may come across equipment that helps others navigate life. Examples of these equipment may be something that looks trivial such as the beeping sound when at road crossing or the textured bump on the F and J of our keyboard to help people with sight impairment , maybe even a lift. All of these assists somebody with a disability and allow them to access the world and be included. We, therefore, must make the world accessible and enjoyable for everyone in it. We have that duty to assist and support those who feel isolated and alone.

Being a person who identifies outside of the traditional norms, I pride myself in being able to explain my identity and how people can interact with my diversity and treat me as an equal. I don’t hide who I am and welcome any questions as this is how we educate and allow others to understand our experience. In our melting pot society, many different people come together to form a wonderful blend of differences that allow a greater understanding of our shared experiences and values.

The purpose of educating people about equality and diversity is to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against people who are different from oneself in society. We all have a shared obligation to help others and be kind to one another. This is what will lead to all people living in harmony.