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How We Transformed Care & Carers into a Premier Live-in and Homecare Provider

After spending over 17 years working in the health and social care, I noticed a recurring pattern: while many care companies were driven by enthusiasm and compassion, there seemed to be a significant gap when it came to incorporating technology into the home care services. This realization was the turning point in my career journey, leading me to combine my dedication to providing excellent care with the power of technology. This is the story of how we turned Care & Carers into a top-rated live-in and homecare provider.

Bringing Care and Technology Together

I set out on a mission to create a comprehensive system that would streamline and improve the care delivery process after realising the potential for technology to completely transform the home care sector. With the appropriate instruments in place, it was obvious that providing care could be done more effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably. In addition to this technological transformation, we made the critical and wise decision to register Care & Carers with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a home care service.

Introducing Careberry: Transforming the Delivery of Care

The creation and introduction of Careberry, a cutting-edge platform that streamlined many areas of care delivery, was essential to our change. Careberry was created to make scheduling, communicating, and task management for carers easier so they can concentrate on what really matters: giving our clients compassionate care. Carers could view tailored care plans, engage with the back office team in real-time, and access client information with ease using Careberry. This novel method not only increased the effectiveness of the work but also added a fun factor to the caring process. In addition to helping us launch our care service, Careberry also helped us win a number of major awards, including one for Digital Innovation in 2019!

Focusing on Passionate Recruitment

From day one, we understood the pivotal role of a great team in shaping the reputation and success of Care & Carers. As such, we made it a priority to recruit individuals who not only possessed the necessary skills but were also driven by a genuine passion for care and supporting people. While there were instances where some mismatches happened, we learned the importance of addressing these situations promptly and professionally. Creating a team of extremely passionate individuals became the cornerstone of our journey to excellence.

Emphasizing Constant Communication

To truly understand the needs and concerns of our clients and their families, we established a culture of continuous communication. By actively seeking feedback and addressing concerns in their early stages, we were able to improve our services to better meet the needs of our clients. This method promoted openness and trust, which strengthened our dedication to offering exceptional care and support.

Prioritizing Governance and Quality

Passion alone is not enough to provide a safe and high quality care service. Good governance is key in ensuring the highest standards of care. We made sure that our care services were not only compassionate but also safe and of the highest quality by putting an emphasis on rigorous planning, detailed documentation, and adherence to CQC requirements.

Building Team Support and Customer Service

Finally, we realised that our team's happiness and our clients' contentment were directly related to the success of Care & Carers. Developing a culture of outstanding customer service and strong team support become essential components of our business. Better care for our clients and a more satisfying experience for our team resulted from offering assistance, celebrating accomplishments, and cultivating a sense of belonging among our team members.

As a result, the path that Care & Carers underwent to become a top-rated live-in and homecare service from a passionate notion was fuelled by a strong commitment to combining technology with compassion. We were able to build a care company that embodies excellence in every aspect of care delivery by utilising technology through Careberry, recruiting passionate carers and care managers, maintaining open communication, placing an emphasis on governance and quality, and giving customer service and team support top priority. Through this journey, we have seen that we can actually improve lives when enthusiasm and innovation are combined with technology and dedication.