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Who Will Be Caring for My Loved One

David is a successful retired businessman with an interest in and a passion for his local community. Years of experience in supporting older and disabled people as a volunteer and also having cared for his own family members have made him an expert in care. We have come to know David over past 8 years through his work to support other people. As a husband who is caring for his wife and also a father who looks after his disabled daughter David tells us below what he likes to see in a carer: There comes a time when some of us have to make difficult decisions about arranging care for a loved-one. Who can you trust to give the person you love the help they may need? For me being trustworthy and honest is the key. However, not all good people have the skills to demonstrate empathy and communicate effectively. So it comes to the care provider to have proper recruitment procedures so they recruit the right people and train them so they can relate to the people they support and care for. They should make sure that the carer not only speaks the language but also can make themselves understood by an elderly person with a hearing impairment. People naturally get old or may by accident lose their abilities or be born with some disabilities. 

This doesn’t mean that their choices should be limited and independence taken away. A good carer treats their client with respect and dignity and support them without taking away their independence. We know that there is a shortage of care workers. If a care provider recruits a non-native care worker, they should train and support them to understand cultural differences. The first thing a good care worker does is getting to know the people they care for, understand their preferences and their dietary requirements. If they’re not sure they should ask for clarification to avoid putting a vulnerable person at risk. Over years I’ve learned that a good care work knows the importance of communication and communicate clearly with the person they care for, with family members and their own colleagues. For example, it is extremely important to make sure that medication records are accurate and up-to-date. It will be extremely hard for a care provider to replace the love and care a family can give. 

However, if a company is passionate about providing the best possible service for their clients and set a very high standard with the people they employ, even if it costs a little more, they can offer peace of mind to the families that their loved ones are in safe hands.