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Office and Recruitment Manager

£23,000 to £30,000 Per Annum
Based in Haddenham Business Park

Role of the Office and Recruitment Manager

Deadline: 5th November 2023

The Office and Recruitment Manager is a dynamic role that combines human resources and office management responsibilities. This position plays a crucial role in supporting the Care & Carers service delivery, ensuring efficient HR processes, and maintaining an organised and welcoming office environment. The Office and Recruitment Manager will report to the Service Manager and work closely with the entire team.

Key Responsibilities

Human Resources:

Role and Responsibilities of a Recruitment Administrator:

1. Advertising: Create and post job advertisements on various platforms including Facebook, Indeed, and Care & Carers Website.

2. Candidate Screening: Review CVs and applications to identify suitable candidates for interviews.

3. Interview Coordination: Schedule interviews and communicate with candidates and interviewers.

4. Candidate Communication: Correspond with job applicants via email, phone and our electronic care management system, Careberry.

5. Documentation: Maintain candidate records and ensure accuracy of information recording every communication with the candidate.

6. Reference Checks: Conduct reference checks for selected candidates including checking the authenticity of the references.

7. Onboarding: Assist in the onboarding process, including paperwork, staff manual and induction process.

8. Database Management: Update and manage staff databases via Careberry and ensuring that all relevant documents such as proof of address, training certificates and essential ID documents are genuine and uploaded to Careberry.

9. Reporting: Generate reports on recruitment activities and candidate progress.

10. Compliance: Ensure adherence to recruitment policies and regulations according to Care Quality Commission regulations and standards.

11. Training: Monitor staff training to ensure full compliance with CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulations and the delivery of high-quality service to our clients. This includes conducting regular audits to ensure staff training records are up to date and all staff members receive proper training.

12. Support: Provide administrative support and guidance to the care management team as needed to start the process of staff induction.

Office Management:

1. Client Intake: Receive incoming calls from new prospects interested in Care & Carers' services.

2. Information Gathering: Listen attentively to prospects' inquiries, needs, and concerns, and gather relevant information about their requirements.

3. Information Sharing: Provide detailed information about Care & Carers' services, including the range of care options and the benefits of choosing the organisation.

4. Assessment Arrangement: Assess the prospect's care needs over the phone and determine if a home assessment is necessary.

5. Appointment Scheduling: Schedule home assessments for prospects requiring further evaluation by a care coordinator.

6. Documentation: Accurately record prospect information, including contact details, care preferences, and any special requests.

7. Compliance: Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and company policies during the intake process.

8. Prospect Follow-Up: Follow up with prospects who may need additional information or time to make a decision.

9. Team Collaboration: Coordinate with the relevant care coordinator to ensure seamless transition from prospect to client.

10. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to prospects, addressing their questions and concerns in a professional and compassionate manner.

11. Maintain Records: Keep detailed records of all interactions with prospects and their care inquiries.

12. Appointment Confirmation: Confirm home assessment appointments with prospects and provide any necessary pre-assessment instructions.

13. Stock take: to monitor stock take with regards to PPE and other office essentials.

14. Continuous Learning: Stay informed about Care & Carers' services, policies, and industry trends to effectively address prospect inquiries.

15. Feedback Gathering: Gather feedback from prospects regarding their experience with the initial inquiry process and communicate any improvements or concerns to the appropriate team members.

16. Confidentiality: Handle prospect information with the utmost confidentiality and adhere to data protection regulations.

17. Team Collaboration: Work closely with the care coordination team to ensure smooth transitions for prospects who become clients.

18. Performance Metrics: Monitor and report on key performance metrics related to prospect conversion rates and appointment scheduling.

19. Adaptability: Be flexible and adapt to changes in the prospect intake process and any emerging needs within the organisation.

20. Quality Assurance: Contribute to maintaining and enhancing the quality of service provided to clients through effective prospect handling and assessment coordination.

21. Team Support: Provide support to the care coordination team and contribute to the overall success of Care & Carers' client acquisition efforts.

Line Management Responsibilities

· To line manage our accounts assistant and supervise/support her with her work.

· To be prepared to take more line management responsibilities to help the company with its growth plan.

Required Skills, Qualifications and attributes:

· Genuine passion for helping others live independently.

· Strong communication skills (phone, email, in person and electronic).

· Excellent organisational skills and punctuality.

· Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

· Attention to detail for data accuracy.

· Ability to meet deadlines.

· Self-motivated and capable of working within a team or with limited supervision.

· Practical issue-solving abilities.

Work Environment and Physical Demands

This role may involve minor physical exertion, such as carrying boxes. The job can become more physically demanding at times. Work is often fast-paced and involves managing multiple projects simultaneously.


· Enhanced DBS clearance.

· Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

· Excellent communication skills.

· Deadline-driven with strong organisational skills.

· Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

· Ability to learn a complex care management


· Level 2 (NVQ) in Customer Service or equivalent.

· Proficiency in Excel and Office.

· Work Experience: Minimum of two years of relevant office management experience. Experience in administrative roles, supervisory positions, or team leadership can be valuable.


Education: A bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as business administration, management, or a related discipline can be beneficial.

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