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Medication Assistance

As people get older, they become more reliant on medicines and unfortunately, the aging process affects individuals’ capacity to manage their medication. We aim to support our clients to enjoy the maximum benefits from their medication, increase the quality of their life and avoid negative consequences caused by excessive, wrong or inadequate consumption of medicines. Our main priority is to support our clients to manage their medicines independently. Therefore, our involvement could be limited to organising, picking up or disposing of medications or prompting our clients to take their medication assisting them with opening bottles and blister packs. However, as a caring company, we understand the challenges some people face when having to take medication, which is why we provide full support and help those who need us in taking their medication. If this level of support and care is required for medication management, our competent carers will administer the right medicine at the right time and right dose. Our home care workers are trained adequately to support our clients with their medication including prescribed creams and lotions. So please call us to arrange a free assessment if you are looking for home care support around medication.

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