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Maja’s Week of Work Experience with Care & Carers

Toward the end of year 12, we were all asked to complete a week of work experience. The purpose of this was to give us a glimpse of what working is like, as well as allow us to get some experience within a field we are interested in. Completing my work experience at Care and Carers was very rewarding and allowed me to work in a field related to psychology- which is what I hope to pursue in the future.

On my first day, I was introduced to the rules I would have to follow during my time at the company- like health and safety as well as data protection. I later completed courses on this to ensure I was ready and comfortable in what I would be doing in the following days. 

From the very beginning, everyone I encountered was very lovely and welcoming, and settled down any worries or anxiety I had about working in a new environment. 

Over the next few days, I was tasked with recording advertising content for awareness. This consisted of asking staff different questions about their jobs and compiling all of the clips into one coherent advert. I was supported throughout this whole process, and all of the office staff were quick to answer any questions I had. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere within the office was so positive. The project enabled me to learn new skills from collaborating with people to actually creating and editing video footage. I was actually able to use really cool filming equipment like tripods, mics and green-screens to create a setup suitable for the advertising intentions of the video.

Over the following days I was able to go out into the field with carers to observe their work. I got to see what being a carer is really about and how much of a difference their visits make. It was wonderful seeing how carers are able to improve clients’ days by helping them out. The appreciation that both sides have for each other was very clear. I learned about how exactly carers support clients at each point of the day- and how important this job is for people who need some support at home. It’s definitely a very fulfilling job and one that I have learned to admire.

Overall, my experience at the company was truly wonderful. As a young person only learning about the world of work, Care and Carers was great at making sure I can come away from my time with them having learned valuable lessons about the field of work. I’m very grateful for the opportunity of volunteering for the company, and hugely appreciative of all the friendly staff that were there to help me with anything I needed. Thank you Care and Carers.