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Medication Assistance

People grow more dependant on medicines as they age, and regrettably, the ageing process has an impact on people's ability to manage their medications. We want to help our clients get the most out of their medications, improve their quality of life, and avoid the negative repercussions of improper, excessive, or insufficient pharmaceutical use. Our top priority is to assist our clients in managing their medications on their own. As a result, our engagement may be restricted to organising, picking up, or disposing of prescriptions, as well as reminding clients to take their medications and aiding them with opening bottles and blister packs. As a caring organisation, though, We recognise the difficulties some people have with taking medication, which is why we offer complete support and assistance to those who require it.

If this degree of assistance and care is required for medication management, our skilled carers will provide the appropriate medication at the appropriate time and dose. Our home health aides are properly trained to assist our clients with their medication, which includes recommended creams and lotions.

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